Mma Mattia Guidi vs Francesco Piras Fast and furious

Nulvi December 22th, 2013 — The “Fast and the Furious 3 — Cage Fight 9″ will be archived with 6 wins, three fight equal and a “no contest” to be played at the earliest opportunity. It is closed so last night, with a good success with the public, the event that, for the first time in Sardinia, has allowed the fighter of the best schools of Muay Thai and MMA of the island clash within an octagonal cage. Two fighters have also received the trophies “City of Nulvi ” for the best athletes of Muay Thai (Samuel Cuccuru ) and MMA (Alessandro Bazzoni).

It is closed immediately with a “no contest” the match of Mma between Francesco Piras (Tarantini Muay Thai Boxing & MMA) and Mattia Guidi (Modena Shot team). Piras, hit the eye with a move not permitted involuntary but judged by the judges, had to leave the cage. The match not yet played for half, it was therefore considered invalid and should be played on another date.

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