Mma Fast and furious Giovanni Mulas vs Sereno Jt Hendriks

Nulvi December 22th, 2013 — The “Fast and the Furious 3 — Cage Fight 9″ will be archived with 6 wins, three fight equal and a “no contest” to be played at the earliest opportunity. It is closed so last December 21st, with a good success with the public, the event that, for the first time in Sardinia, has allowed the fighter of the best schools of Muay Thai and MMA of the island clash within an octagonal cage. Two fighters have also received the trophies “City of Nulvi ” for the best athletes of Muay Thai (Samuel Cuccuru ) and MMA (Alessandro Bazzoni).

The highlight match of the evening, the international imprint which also closed the long series of meetings, did not disappoint. The draw decreed by federal officials has not satisfied the public, let alone the two fighters, because from the technical point of view the result could be favorable to the italian. Giovanni Mulas (No Rules Alghero) and the dutch Sereno J.T. Hendriks ( Tatsujin Dojo Nymegen ) have dealt with on the distance between the two rounds of 4 minutes. The dutchman was immediately very strong, forcing the opponent on net. The first round saw an alternation of the two situations with which, on the ground , they tried the levers best to win the match. In the second round Mulas has checked well his opponent, making him considerable difficulties and bringing him to the floor where the italian’s technique seemed to have a greater effect.
At the end of the arbitrators had no doubts : the match for their balanced could only end in a draw.

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